Speed up testing with Jest and Spectator for Angular applications.

Branding: Angular, Jest, Spectator

29 February 2020

Project dependencies updated with no changes to configurations or code.

  • Angular 9.0.x
  • Spectator 5.1.x
  • Jest Preset Angular 8.0.x

Why Angular (8.2.x)

  • It is a well established framework for building single page and mobile applications with lots of users.
  • It provides everything in one framework to build your…

Last year I wrote a Tic-Tac-Toe game using React and Material-UI (MUI). Now I want to migrate as much of that app as I can over to React Native so that it can run on a mobile device.

The most difficult part of the game to migrate over is the…

Serverless, Inc., Amazon Web Services

In a previous article, I wrote about building a serverless contacts API. I walked through setting it up for local development and did not talk about deployments to AWS once the API is finished.

In this article, I will close that loop by showing you how to deploy the same…

Use Docker, LocalStack and the Serverless Framework for Local Development

Branding credits — Docker, AWS, Serverless and LocalStack.

While working on the Contacts app to consume the Contacts API from the above article I wrote, I found it cumbersome to have multiple projects and terminals open just to run the app.

I would run a terminal for the DynamoDb jar file, another for the API in serverless offline…

Update: 16 November 2019.

The source repository has been updated for serverless on AWS Node 10.16.x.

Update: 08 January 2019.

Some readers have pointed out that if you follow along and copy the code samples into your project that you might get errors when building or running.

Most of the…

The term ‘ducks’ refers to the folder and files that you have to create for managing redux state using the re-ducks pattern.

Every duck needs to have six to eight files in it, and in Visual Studio Code (VS Code), it’s painful to manually create them every single time you…

Part 2 of 5

In this part, we are going to start writing the logic for the game and adding tests to validate that our game will work.

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Software developer, car enthusiast, gamer, mentor and lifelong learner. I love a good pair-programming session.

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